Custom Home Offices


Home Offices are now a must have if your work from home

homeoffice3Homes offices are being used as a common place to pay bills, check mail, read a book, do last minute work, or as a homework space for your children. Designs for an office space can be anywhere from a simple desk to several workspaces and elaborate built-in bookshelves. There are a wide range of options to choose from when picking out cabinetry for your home office. The traditional cabinets with a built-in desk and shelves are still very popular but home office furniture can also be custom designed best fit both you and your family.

Get maximum storage and organization with custom built office furniture
murphybed5Custom built office furniture can offer you as much storage space as you need, giving your office a clean organized look. Create your perfect home library with a custom built bookcase. Need to hide a bed in the home office space? Tustin Woodworks is perfect for that!   We can custom build a wall bed or Murphy bed into your home office space.

As technology advances so does your work space, call us today!